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We help small businesses integrate and leverage technology.



Marketing, just for the sake of marketing is a complete waste of time.  Companies come to us when they want to move forward and make a true difference for their business and clients. Lets get you moving forward.


Do you have a general process outlined for your business and are struggling to automate it?  Tasks are missed, responsibilities overlooked, timelines delayed.  We can help you resolve these issues so get your time back and increase your margin.


If you wanted to reach out to all your past clients that purchased a specific product, just by a couple clicks of your mouse, could you do that?  What kind of communication and care would you like customers to experience when working with you?  If you are looking to give them a great experience and increase the net revenue they bring in, talk to us.

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The Crusader Group Difference

Consider us as professional problem solvers.  We have developed a talented community of experts that can help you implement the tools and technologies you need to reach your goals. 


Our conversation starts with a 20-30 minute discovery call to clarify what you are looking for and ensure you will be a good fit for our way of doing business.  


After the call we will move to the next step of diving deeper into the issues and goals you have to outline the best team, timeline, and budget for your needs. 


The implementation stage will now begin, we will coordinate the completion of your project.


"Joshua and Alyssa Hilstad (Crusader Group) are the bomb. And not just any bomb. They are an explosion of insight, wisdom, down-to-earth-ness and a refreshing burst of youthful energy. The ideas and skills that they bring to the table are beyond their years and yet, there they are: shared with sincerity and humility."

David Sanderson, Promoquip



Serving businesses around the globe.


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More Time,
More Money.

There are two things we help businesses owners get.  More time, and more money.  Integrating technology in your business should be done with those two goals in mind.  


Don’t be held back by all the things that force your time away from refining your business.  What would your daily life be like if you were able to operate at your ideal pace?  Our passion is helping you thrive in yours.  What could you achieve if you had more time, or more money to buy back your time?  We help you get there.

The Wall of Ideas
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