Does Marketing Your Business Feel Like an Uphill Battle?

Crusader Group comes alongside small businesses and non-profits and helps them implement the tools they need to get to higher ground. 

Websites – Digital Advertising – Custom Marketing Retainers

Our Process

It’s time to get excited about your marketing!


Step 1: Get to know us!

It’s best to work with a marketing team that you know, like, and trust.  We would love to buy you a coffee a learn more about your story. For more info about us view the about us page or watch this video!


Step 2: Get to the Crux.

We come alongside our clients and help them stay away from wasting precious time and money on the wrong kinds of marketing.  In Step 2 we create a Situation and Needs analysis that provides a clear, concise, outline of your business and guides us in creating the right plan for you.


Step 3: Create a Plan.

Are you ready to get excited about the future of your business?  After completing Step 2 we will research industry data, analytics, and your competition, to develop the best strategy for increasing your sales and building your community.


Step 4: Execute and Analyze.

The most important part of a marketing campaign is analyzing the results so that you can continue to thrive.  With your plan up and running we will provide detailed reports on a monthly basis regarding how your plan is performing and what is being done to make it even better.

Our Clients:

Have businesses backed by strong values.

Have a Growth Mindset.

See Digital Marketing as a priority.

Are passionate about their work.

Enjoy the adventure of entrepreneurship.

Provide real value to their community.


success stories form our clients


“We selected the Crusader Group to build our multi-level website from the ground up on a demanding timeline. The result was amazing. It is visually stunning and all details were implemented far better than we had imagined. Our new online image and presence absolutely exceeded our original expectations. More importantly, they used a focused process that helped us strengthen and clarify our own unique story and value proposition. It was refreshingly creative and collaborative and resulted in smarter, faster decisions that accelerated our progress towards the results we needed. I would highly recommend the Crusader Group to any company looking for fresh thinking around the strategic use of a website to drive sales and raise your profile. It was money well invested.”

– Jay Lundy, Owner of Spark Innovation

“Josh and Alyssa Hilstad (Crusader Group) are the bomb. And not just any bomb. They are an explosion of insight, wisdom, down-to-earth-ness and a refreshing burst of youthful energy. The ideas and skills that they bring to the table are beyond their years and yet, there they are shared with sincerity and humility.”

– David Sanderson, Owner of Onpoint Laser Engraving

Bridgette (luxury’s chatbot) is the best employee I’ve ever worked with. She works 365/24/7, never complains, does everything we ask of her, and she never makes mistakes. Bridget won’t even take a paycheck. It’s just her passion to work, she lives for it. We love Bridgette and look forward to working with her for infinity.

– Chris Town, Luxury Janitorial

“Crusader Group not only went over and above all of my expectations, they took the time to work with me to ensure I had a website that stood out from the competition.”

– Jeremy Rumble, Zormot International



Website Development


Your Website is the centerpiece of your Digital Marketing and when built properly will be a multiplier to your success.

Could your Website:
Multiply your Time?
Multiply your Value?
Multiply your Reach?

Digital Advertising


  Are you having trouble navigating the over-saturated world of advertising and developing a plan that works with precision?

We can help you: 
Share a Precise Message
Reach a Precise Audience
Earn a Precise Return


Marketing Retainers


Do you have a dedicated marketing department with the tools and flexibility to properly equip and run your marketing campaigns? 

Use our team to:
Create Dedicated marketing plans
Receive Dedicated Digital improvements
Build a Dedicated Community


SEO + Copywriting


Just like a Flag, SEO and Copywriting are what get you recognized and found online by your customers.

Can your Audience:
Recognize your Business?
Recognize your Value?
Recognize your Culture?

Analytic Reports


Organizations with discipline put a high value on their analytics because they are what lead to online mastery.

Do you want to:
Master your Website?
Master your Audience?
Master your Products?


Media + Graphic Design


Organizations that care about being remembered by their audience create memorable media and graphics.

Can your Audience:
Remember your Value?
Remember your Culture?
Remember your Message?

Focus on becoming the best at what you do while building your brand and client base.

Crusader Group can help you make this happen.


Cancel Anytime.


Monthly Reporting to Prove ROI

Our Team

Clarity is Joshua’s passion.  After spending 10 years in the mission field Joshua came to the understanding that one of the greatest gifts in life is to help others find clarity.  Three more years in the business and sales realm and the clarity that Joshua now brings is around Marketing. Joshua has been blessed to be a guide to many entrepreneurs either just starting their journey, or experienced in it.

Joshua Hilstad


Meet the technical mind behind the Crusader Group operation.  Alyssa grew up in Gowen Michigan and later moved to Costa Rica for a few years where she met Joshua.  A skip and a jump in time away and she is now keeping marketing promises for a huge variety of industries.  Her top passion is making sure the individuals she works with are educated about marketing processes and can be empowered to handle it on their own.  

Alyssa Hilstad


Hannah Deurloo has an Associates in Early Childhood Development and a Bachelors in Business from Davenport University. She manages and contributes to a creative lifestyle blog, and leads a writing group at the Flat River Community Library. Hannah has been writing copy for Crusader Group since 2018. You can also find Hannah on Twitter at @HSDeurloo and on Instagram at Questtype.

Hannah Deurloo


Rikki is an illustrator and graphic designer working as an independent artist. She graduated from Grand Valley State University with her B.F.A. in Studio Art with an emphasis on illustration and loves when she is able to weave her different skills into a project while designing. Branding and logo design are her favorite projects to work on. When she’s not creating Rikki enjoys reading, photography, and painting. She is available for freelance.

Rikki Paepke

Graphic Designer, Paepke Design