Digital Marketing

Get your business to higher ground

It’s time to get excited about your marketing!

If you’re not excited about your marketing something needs to change.  Crusader Group was started because we discovered an overwhelming amount of businesses and non-profits that were wasting time, energy, and money in their efforts to bring their organizations into the new Digital Marketing age.  It was time to end this trend.  Our services have been designed to work best when they come alongside your Primary Digital Marketing needs.  We don’t focus on petty solutions and fluff because spreading your message is a mission.  Real people have real needs that you can solve, and marketing is your gift that helps them learn about your solution.  Its time to get excited about your marketing and achieve a return as your audience discovers your value!

Our Tools

Earn a return by spreading the right message the right way

Digital Advertising

Facebook, Google, Bing, Snapchat, Instagram.  These are just of a few of the many channels you can use to reach your precise audience.

Analytic Reports

Master your online efforts by using your analytics.  This is where businesses separate themselves from the competition and become experts in their craft.

Brand Design & Strategy

Never established your brand before? We can walk you through the right process.

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Our team is prepared to help you:

– Develop your mission statement.
– Design your logo, colors, and the general atmosphere of your business.
– Write up a proper business plan.
– Help you set reasonable goals for your business and how to reach each one.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Industries are competitive, leverage SEO techniques to grow your reach online and get ahead.

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We aren’t here to be another phone call that promises to “get you to #1 on Google”. But we can help you analyze where you are at online now with the goal to pull you ahead and stay competitive with others in your industry.

Mobile Apps | Web Apps

Looking to make your dream idea come alive? 

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Through our trusted partnership with Authoritek we are able to provide App solutions to our clients.

Authoritek crafts software that enables companies and individuals to reach their full potential.

Equipped with the right software, our clients can stop wasting time, money and effort, and start doing what they love.

Authoritek’s projects are diverse, ranging from simple web apps to multi-platform systems. Our products have the ability to create immense value for our clients.

Custom software can be a big investment. We want to fully understand your needs so we can create a quote without compromising software quality or your budget. Our projects may run from a few months to a year or more, with a budget of $5k to over $100k.


Graphic Design & Video

We partner with the best to provide unique branding options for your business online.

Website Development

Implemented correctly a website will act as a key multiplier for your business by giving you more time, increasing your reach, and growing sales.


Custom Marketing Retainers

Equip your business with a dedicated team that will take the weight of marketing off you shoulders and leverage today’s strategies for growth.

Workshops & Training

Feel empowered by your marketing by keeping it in-house. 

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Above all we desire your business to succeed. For some companies, this is made possible by having an in-house marketer. Our team is equipped to provide quality training on new/upcoming marketing trends, website design, and general marketing ideas to boost your sales and brand!

Social Media Management

You may understand your brand, but do others? Communicate your brand properly today!

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Many businesses know who they are, but how do you properly communicate that to our generation today? Do you have the time to communicate that?

Rather than getting caught up in all the social platforms you should be on, pass the torch and focus on managing your business as an owner. Some hats shouldn’t be worn by you.

What type of situations do we help in?
– Businesses that don’t have time but see the need.
– Businesses that still want to provide content but do not know how to post it or where to post it.
– Businesses that do not know how to effectively communicate their brand to this age and need creative thinking and implementation.
– Teaching businesses how to use social media.
– One-time social media setups.
– One-time social media evaluations and tips.

Email Marketing

Reach people where they are at.

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Our team is prepared to help you:

– Email Campaigns for Service and Ecommerce businesses
– Fundraising and Donation Campaigns
– Lead Magnets
– Sale Funnels
– Automated Newsletters, Holiday & Birthday reminders

Copywriting & Strategy

Unsure on how to communicate your message and brand? Our team can help.