Reach your audience with precision


We help you advertise on the RIGHT platforms so that you can reach the RIGHT audience and get the most out of your investment.


Some Platforms We Use:










Our Process

Define Your Goals

In this step, we establish a baseline for how you want to be represented online and how your social media presence needs to function to be the best multiplier for you.

Define Your Audience

Time to get creative!  In this step we start developing the various design and messaging functions on your social platforms so that it can guide your visitors with precision.

Define Your Platforms

Time to dig deep! Defining your audience pieces together everything we need to choose the best platforms for that audience.

Start Implementing

Your social platforms will be set in motion! Get ready to launch the digital castle of your dreams and reach a higher level of excellence online! 


success stories form our clients


“We selected the Crusader Group to build our multi-level website from the ground up on a demanding timeline. The result was amazing. It is visually stunning and all details were implemented far better than we had imagined. Our new online image and presence absolutely exceeded our original expectations. More importantly, they used a focused process that helped us strengthen and clarify our own unique story and value proposition. It was refreshingly creative and collaborative and resulted in smarter, faster decisions that accelerated our progress towards the results we needed. I would highly recommend the Crusader Group to any company looking for fresh thinking around the strategic use of a website to drive sales and raise your profile. It was money well invested.”

– Jay Lundy, Owner of Spark Innovation

“Josh and Alyssa Hilstad (Crusader Group) are the bomb. And not just any bomb. They are an explosion of insight, wisdom, down-to-earth-ness and a refreshing burst of youthful energy. The ideas and skills that they bring to the table are beyond their years and yet, there they are shared with sincerity and humility.”

– David Sanderson, Owner of Onpoint Laser Engraving

Bridgette (luxury’s chatbot) is the best employee I’ve ever worked with. She works 365/24/7, never complains, does everything we ask of her, and she never makes mistakes. Bridget won’t even take a paycheck. It’s just her passion to work, she lives for it. We love Bridgette and look forward to working with her for infinity.

– Chris Town, Luxury Janitorial