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After meeting on the Costa Rican mission field, Joshua and Alyssa Hilstad moved back to the states settling in Ohio. But the call of West Michigan and family was too great, and in February 2015 they returned to their home in Michigan. Joshua, full of adventure, jumped into a full commission insurance job, proving his ability in sales. While Alyssa, full of wonder, aided others as an insurance policy specialist perfecting her customer service skills. Two years later, over a cup of coffee, Joshua and Alyssa had a question as they looked at the trajectory of their lives. Was providing insurance to employers properly representing the value the pair of them could create?  The answer was no. What both saw, on a daily basis with small business owners, was not the need for Benefits Advisors but for Digital Marketers.

The needs around West Michigan are massive and the challenge daunting for those who love their business but do not know how to reach their audience. After careful planning and establishing a network of professionals, Crusader Group was founded to create custom Digital Marketing solutions for small businesses or non-profits. Crusader Group LLC is the solution for entrepreneurs seeking to reach their audience and communicate their value in this digital age. Moving forward Crusader Group is focused on providing top-of-the-line solutions and consulting while clarifying the world of Digital Marketing for the clients they work with. With a little creativity, dedication, and fun , small businesses and non-profits can make the move into the digital era. Gone is the need to shy away from Digital Marketing because Crusader Group is here to fight for you online.

Our Awesome Team

Joshua Hilstad

Joshua Hilstad


Joshua is Co-Owner of Crusader Group and strives to help other succeed in their endeavures.

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Clarity is Joshua’s passion.  After spending 10 years in the mission field Joshua came to the understanding that one of the greatest gifts in life is to help others find clarity.  Three more years in the business and sales realm and the clarity that Joshua now brings is around Marketing.

“I’m really not motivated around ‘selling a client’ on our products.  I really just care that they take the next best step for their business and for their lives.”

 Joshua has been blessed to be a guide to many entrepreneurs either just starting their journey, or experienced in it.


Alyssa Hilstad

Alyssa Hilstad


Alyssa is Co-Owner of Crusader Group and performs the techinical duties of the business. 

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Meet the technical mind behind the Crusader Group operation.  Alyssa grew up in Gowen Michigan and later moved to Costa Rica for a few years where she met Joshua.  A skip and a jump in time away and she is now keeping marketing promises for a huge variety of industries.  Her top passion is making sure the individuals she works with are educated about marketing processes and can be empowered to handle it on their own.  

“A business should never have to outsource their marketing, but on the occasion that they do they should take the necessary steps to learn about it so that they can handle it in the future”.

Alyssa continues to provide education and growth to the clients of Crusader Group and plans on helping the business become known for its instructive approach.  


Rikki Paekpe

Rikki Paekpe

Graphic Designer

Rikki is an illustrator and graphic designer working as an independent artist.

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Rikki graduated from Grand Valley State University with her B.F.A. in Studio Art with an emphasis on illustration and loves when she is able to weave her different skills into a project while designing. Branding and logo design are her favorite projects to work on. When she’s not creating Rikki enjoys reading, photography, and painting. She is available for freelance. 


Hannah Deurloo

Hannah Deurloo


Hannah is an Author and creative writer working as an independent copywriter.

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Hannah Deurloo has an Associates in Early Childhood Development and a Bachelors in Business from Davenport University. She manages and contributes to a creative lifestyle blog QuestType.com, and leads a writing group at the Flat River Community Library. Hannah has been writing copy for Crusader Group since 2018. You can also find Hannah on Twitter at @HSDeurloo and on Instagram at Questtype.

Our Values

Crusader Group exists to end the trend of small businesses and non-profits struggling to bring their organizations into a digital future because they have no trusted resource to guide them.  We help them attain this future by implementing four key values.   


Crusader Group will strive to represent each client for their unique culture, values, mission, and story.



We will seek to empower all of our clients with Clarity by being fully transparent with them with the knowledge we know and the actions we take.


We will seek to be masters of our craft and dedicate ourselves to the best interest of our clients.


Business, when done right, can be one of the most joyful and exciting adventures life has to offer.  We will seek to provide this experience to every individual that takes the time to know us.

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