6 Steps to Effective Email Campaigns that Convert

Joshua Hilstad, Owner of Crusader Group

April 01st 2019

#1 Know your goal.

If you glance over the steps to creating effective email campaigns you’ll notice that they are relatively common sense.  But knowing does not always equate to DOING. If you are going to run an effective campaign you HAVE to know your goal. These can be many.  You could be trying to brand, getting visitors to an event, sharing product info, etc, etc. Your goal will define your strategy so make sure you answer these questions that will help you understand your goal:


What audience do I want to reach?


What is their common problem?


What Message do I want to communicate?


What is the Transformation?


What Action do I want them to take?

Here is an example of a well-outlined Email campaign goal:

“I want to reach e-commerce entrepreneurs within a 50-mile radius of Grand Rapids that are struggling with high shipping costs so that I can communicate our cost-saving system, and get them to call in.”

#2 Know your tools.

We utilize Constant Contact for our emails campaigns.  Before you send anything out you will want to know the basics of the platform you’re using to make sure you are best leveraging technology.  Here are some benefits of Constant Contact:

Leverage their blog: Constant Contact is an email marketing pro with GREAT ADVICE.

Email Tracking:  With this platform, you can track all of your emails and see who opened them and at what time they were opened.  This will not only help you follow up, but also leverage these analytics to improve future campaigns.

Templates: Engaging emails can be designed quickly with the various templates available.

#3 Know your audience.

Spend some time to recognize the emotions, pains, problems, and desires of your audience before writing the email.  This will help you gain insight into what your email should actually say and what time you should send it.  Writing an email to the wrong audience is an excellent way to waste your money, time, and your prospects time.

#4 Write the email.

We recommend gaining insight on your email draft from fellow peers before sending it out. Allow them to describe how they would feel if they received this email with no knowledge of your business. It’s easy to write content on topics that you specialize in, but it’s much harder to communicate that in a way for others to understand.

#5 Follow up.

The most important piece is follow up. If you do not have a follow up plan before you send out your email campaign then you are wasting your time. If you end up utilizing Constant Contact, they have a great automated system for sending the initial contact and then follow ups in order to reach your end goal.