4 Questions to Know if LinkedIn Marketing is Right for You.

Joshua Hilstad, Owner of Crusader Group
April 18th 2019

I hear a lot of people say to me “I just need to try and get on LinkedIn more”.  Let me keep this brief. LinkedIn is a marvelous tool for networking, developing relationships, and accessing the professional world.  That being said, actively pursuing LinkedIn as a key marketing channel is not always what is best for your business.


Here are some questions to ask yourself:

#1 Who are your five best clients and how did you get them?

If the decision makers of your top five clients often use LinkedIn then that is a key sign that spending your time there is a good investment. On the other hand, if the decision makers you need are NOT often on LinkedIn (for example a farmer) then you will want to consider different options.

#2 What value are you bringing to the table?

There are many different industries and people on LinkedIn, but the ones you want to reach, the ones who are actively using this platform, have one primary thing in common:

“They all use Linked in because it fills a need in such a way that makes it worth actively spending their time on the platform and it’s not to just make them ‘look’ good.”

Let me tell you a little secret, people are not on LinkedIn because they desperately want to buy your products and services.  The people you will get responses from are ones who need your solution so badly that they are willing to let it interrupt their regular LinkedIn habits.  What you think about your products and services doesn’t matter, what they think DOES. Before you spend energy on LinkedIn, search your community, results, and heart to make sure that you can communicate the real value that gets people excited about you interrupting them.  LinkedIn Marketing is worth it for you if your value is worth it for them.

#3 Will you actually prioritize LinkedIn?

There is a key issue in the phrase “I just need to try to get on LinkedIn more”, can you catch what it is? The issue is that the speaker is admitting the fact that they have a higher priority in their life that keeps them from actively pursuing this channel.  Don’t kid yourself, if you prioritize something more than you prioritize LinkedIn (whether positive or negative) you will never succeed in the way that you hope. Like any marketing, pursuing leads on LinkedIn takes dedication driven by proper prioritization, and “guilting” yourself into doing it just because you feel you should is not the answer.  

#4 Is there something better you can spend your time on?

Great business owners always seek out the best channels for growth.

LinkedIn may be worth a try, but good systems are developed for a reason —> They are predictable.  If you already have a system in place that is helping you do everything you want then don’t worry about attacking LinkedIn.  If you have the time and money to invest in a new system as a way to continue seeking out excellence, go for it, launch a LinkedIn campaign.  But if you’re approaching LinkedIn just because others seem to be doing well and you’re thinking wistfully, don’t bother. People who have real success at marketing succeed in their own way.