Our Story: Adventure, Wonder, and the Call of Home

After meeting on the Costa Rican mission field, Joshua and Alyssa Hilstad moved back to the states settling in Ohio. But the call of West Michigan and family was too great, and in February 2015 they returned to their home in Michigan. Joshua, full of adventure, jumped into a full commission insurance job, proving his ability in sales. While Alyssa, full of wonder, aided others as an insurance policy specialist perfecting her customer service skills. Two years later, over a cup of coffee, Joshua and Alyssa had a question as they looked at the trajectory of their lives. Was providing insurance to employers properly representing the value the pair of them could create?  The answer was no. What both saw, on a daily basis with small business owners, was not the need for Benefits Advisors but for Digital Marketers. The needs around West Michigan are massive and the challenge daunting for those who love their business but do not know how to reach their customers. After careful planning and building a foundation network of professionals, Joshua and Alyssa can create a custom designed digital marketing solution for any small business owner. Crusader Group LLC is the solution for business owners seeking customers in this digital age. Moving forward Joshua and Alyssa are focused on providing top-of-the-line solutions and consulting at an extremely competitive price. With a little adventure and wonder, small businesses can make the move into the digital era. Gone is the need to shy away from digital marketing because the Crusader Group has a solution for you. The Hilstads


Since launching our business we have had the privilege to work with the best brands in our community and surrounding areas