Chat Bot


Most people desire immediate answers when they have questions but most business owners do not have the time to talk to everyone that calls in. Que a website BOT! These clever programs answer visitor’s questions and guide them to your desired results! Save yourself some time and money by setting up a BOT to answer questions and guide visitors to sales.

A bot will provide a way for your customers to interact with your company the second they land on your website or social media profile.  They will feel as though you care about their needs and will be more likely to remember you!

Bridgette (luxury's chat bot) is the best employee I've ever worked with. She works 365/24/7, never complains, does everything we ask of her, and she never makes mistakes. Bridget won't even take a paycheck. Its just her passion to work, shes lives for it. We love Bridgette and look forward to working with her for infinity.

Chris Town, LUXURY Janitorial Services Corporation

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Connect with Crusader Group for a Free Consultation